Look super chic at the office, Geek Chic, with the perfect pair of glasses. Glasses have been HUGE lately. Geek Chic entails classic outfits topped with thick, ubiquitous glasses to create that smart, sexy look with ease. These glasses are seen everywhere today. No prescription needed ladies. Look uber-sexy wearing fabulous geek chic glasses.

Remember Ladies, the big, bold shapes are in right now! However, wear the ones you feel your face looks best in. Try on different colours – white, black, clear, or in the tortoise or leopard print. You are bound to look super smart and chic!


A little bit of bling to shine-up your wardrobe. Metallics are not necessarily meant only for the holidays. You can sparkle and dazzle in metallic, day or night throughout the Fall and Winter. Choose metallic golds and silvers, glitzy detailing is an edge perfect to add to your wardrobe. The key is to match these attention grabbing metallic pieces with toned down neutrals. Add a little shock value to your outfits and embrace your glamour with these dazzling metallic finds.


Knuckle rings are a stunning and statement-making accessory. They are a must-have in every fashionista’s jewellery box. They elude a swaggered kind of elegance with gold and silver colouring, crystal gem embellishments and cool spike detailing. We love a staggered geometric look that adds a smart touch of edginess to your look. No two pieces are ever alike.


Cozy, Chic and Warm – Scarves are always in style!
Scarf up your wardrobe this season! Scarves are an accessory that is timeless, cool and classic. They can add an elegant, chic or cool touch to any outfit. Scarves are the ultimate accessory that feels great and looks just as good. Pair your scarf with just about anything in your cool weather wardrobe. They look great with leather jackets, parkas and overcoats. From silk to wool and the endless to the snood-scarves are a must have staple in your wardrobe.